Hey there!

I finally decided to dump my old domain and start afresh.

I realized that all I want to share with the world (that is, the english-speaking Internet) are smart and nifty things a designer could do to save time and/or labor and have a bit of fun at the same time.

I work as a graphic designer, and as such I’m not the super-creative type – I like it simple and clean. I like having some kind of system in my files and folders, and I keep all my files backed up in at least one way.

While I am a designer, I’m also a geek to a certain degree. I don’t take it as far as going to sci-fi conventions and doing Vulcan salutes, but I do like scripting (think ‘programming light’) and absolutely love regular expressions.

My philosophy is that I’d rather spend two hours today automating some task that I’d otherwise spend half an hour on every week. In just one month, that has paid itself off, and I’ve had more fun, I’ve learnt something new and am more satisfied.

This site is a way for me to share this accumulated knowledge with you, hoping that it will also help you do your work.